Bahçelievler diş dolgusu, bahçelievler diş hekimliği, Bahçelievler kanal tedavisi, bahçelievler estetik diş hekimliği Meet the Expert Physicians of Clinic AFM Make an Appointment Now Bahçelievler diş kliniği, bahçelievler diş hastanesi, bahçelievler diş hekimi Add Aesthetics to Your Smile! Our treatments invisalign
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We take you away from the painful process with our expert dentists. Do not neglect your dental care and start the painless treatment process with Clinic AFM.
Our Dentists
Our Dentists
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We restore your old smile by advancing the treatment process in the most appropriate way with our doctors, each of whom is an expert in their field. Keep your smiles intact!
Our clinic
Our clinic
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Thanks to the technological devices we use and programs that can adapt to digital dentistry, we continue the diagnosis and treatment process in the best possible way.
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Quick and Easy Appointment
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Istanbul BahçelievlerYou can make appointments with our specialist dentists serving in , and get information about your oral and dental health.
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Bahçelievler Dental Clinic Clinic AFM
Bahçelievler Dental Clinic with service at international standards, fully equipped clinics and quality treatment approach. Clinical AFM, Bahcelievler IstanbulAt its address in .
Bahçelievler diş kliniği, bahçelievler diş hastanesi, bahçelievler diş hekimi
Bahçelievler diş dolgusu, bahçelievler diş hekimliği, Bahçelievler kanal tedavisi, bahçelievler estetik diş hekimliği
incirli diş hastanesi, diş hastanesi incirli, incirli kanal tedavisi, kanal tedavisi incirli, incirli estetik diş hekimliği

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uzman diş hekimi bahçelievler, bahçelievler uzman diş hekimi, tecrübeli diş hekimi incirli, bahçelievler ahmet cihat gündoğdu diş hekimi

Dt. Ahmet Cihat GÜNDOĞDU

uzman diş hekimi bahçelievler, bahçelievler uzman diş hekimi, tecrübeli diş hekimi incirli, Bahçelievler faruk kocaman diş hekimi


Dt. Suphi BOYACI

Dt. Muhammed Esat BAYKALDI

diş hekimi levent uslucan

Dr. Dt. Levent USLUCAN

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Specialist

şeyma doktor

Dr. Dt. Şeyma KESKİN

Pedodontics Specialist (Pediatric Dentist)

burak doktor

Dt. Burak Vardal

Dr.Dt Mert Topbaşı

Orthodontic Specialist

You can choose your doctor with Clinical AFM!
Our treatments

Our expert dentists And our technological devices together diagnosis/treatment We go through the process with you.

Bahçelievler Dental Clinic

To get through the treatment process quickly with the experience of our expert dentists, Bahcelievler dental clinic We were born to end your search. Clinical AFM High-tech devices shorten the duration of treatments and also your dental treatment fears It continues as the first step towards defeating you. One of the reasons for the high successful treatment rate of clinical AFM is Bahcelievler dental clinic The patient-doctor relationship does not end when the treatment ends, by taking the necessary controls was achieved upon termination of treatment.

Bahçelievler Dental Hospital

implant, orthodontics, aesthetic dentistry in basic dental treatment areas such as Bahçelievler dental hospital All the facilities and experienced staff required for Clinical AFM within. In resolving tooth loss due to various reasons implant treatment is offered to you.

With patient safety resulting from quality service Bahçelievler dentist in your search from our expert staff. personalized treatment seize the opportunity. Orthodontic treatments In order to progress effectively and comfortably, the patient-doctor relationship continues in the form of dialogue and the process is completed quickly.

Bahçelievler Root Canal Treatment

root canal treatment An important treatment area such as Our Endodontic Dentists It is offered with. Bahçelievler root canal treatment Our solutions are decided after people's dental caries are checked, x-rays and mouth scans are performed. If the tooth that needs treatment can be saved to root canal treatment The process is completed without any need for processing.

endodontics, pedodontics, periodontology It is in your hands to have treatment opportunities from experts in areas such as. With his experience and expertise in such treatment branches, Clinical AFM Dentists keep dental treatment standards at the highest levels. Bahçelievler root canal treatment Meet Clinic AFM doctors for.

Incirli Dental Hospital

Istanbul / Bahçelievler dental filling for transactions Incirli dental hospital patients who search, their treatment procedures professional And professional expertise They are aware that it is done by doctors who have taken it into their own hands. Clinical AFM dentists Incirli dental hospital It hosts dental treatment with all the competencies required for dental treatment.

Bahçelievler Dental Filling

In our teeth, high sugar consumptionCaries may occur due to consumption of sugary soft drinks or genetics. Bahçelievler dental filling solutions for caries for our patients who are looking for aesthetic dental filling Our methods stand out. Aesthetic dental filling is handled in the color of the tooth enamel and does not cause any visual distortion.

Bahçelievler Dental Cleaning

Solutions for tartar or yellowing color on our teeth, Bahçelievler dental cleaning Technological opportunities and the quality of service provided have enabled us to become the preferred point of choice for our patients who are looking for a solution. We provide services in all branches of dentistry your professional service Besides the to aesthetic dentistry We are with you with the superior service we provide.

Bahçelievler Teeth Whitening

High tea consumption, cigarette consumption, coffee consumption Of course, it is possible to solve the yellowing of teeth that comes with the disease. Bahçelievler teeth whitening expert at her topic Our aesthetic dentists We offer professional treatment. After the treatment is completed, how to care for whitened teeth and how we should continue our dental health. our specialist doctors reports.

Bahçelievler Dentist

In dental treatment take advantage of advanced technology It is one of the indispensable items. Patient satisfaction with doctors who are experts in their fields superior technological devices When you participate, it is inevitable that the process will be completed quickly. Bahçelievler dentist, specialist doctors to provide solutions to your requests Clinical AFM, It opened its doors with superior treatment opportunities in all branches.

Incirli Dental Clinic

In Incirli area For people who live or later moved to Incirli emergency dental treatment It is one of the things that may be required. In similar cases Bahçelievler Dentist providing services in the field Clinical AFMIt also offers opportunities other than the basic areas that constitute an important part of dental treatments. Clinical AFM, of aesthetic dentistry one of the first steps Teeth whitening essential for treatment latest technological devices to requests with exactly the answer can give.