Endodontics - Root Canal Treatment

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Developed by dentistry with the support of advanced technology and modern medicine current and effective treatments Thanks to this method, it has become possible to restore even very bad teeth to health.

It is one of the frequently used methods to save teeth that are seriously damaged due to different internal and external factors. endodontics, popularly known as is root canal treatment. Root canal treatment in summary; cleaning the tooth from inflammation and removing the resulting cavity with biocompatible material It is the name given to the filling process.

of endodontics Its goal is to prevent the person from losing a tooth and to save the problematic tooth. In teeth where decay is severe, cracked or broken teethIf the specialist dentist deems it appropriate, root canal treatment can be applied.

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How is Root Canal Treatment Applied?

Problematic tooth or teeth endodontic treatment The person who will decide whether or not he can be saved with is a specialist dentist. As a result of the detailed examination, the specialist evaluates the canals inside the tooth root and the condition of the surrounding tissues. After all root canal treatment decides whether it is suitable or not.

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specialist dentist by endodontics For teeth that are deemed to be salvageable, the treatment phase begins immediately. root canal treatment During the procedure, a hole called a cavity is opened inside the inflamed tooth and the inside is cleaned by entering through this hole. Pulp and nerve tissue are completely removed. The inside of the tooth and surrounding tissues are cleared of infection and disinfected. At the end of the procedure, a gap occurs in the tooth root. This gap is filled using a special rubber substance. This substance, which is compatible with human biology, does not cause any allergic reactions. Root canal treatment is completed with the filling of the tooth root. All these processes local anesthesia is carried out accompanied by

Root canal treatment - Frequently Asked Questions About Endodontics

To whom can root canal treatment be applied?

It can be applied to teeth that are severely decayed, have broken roots, have damaged pulp area, have been damaged as a result of incorrect treatment, and in the presence of advanced gum diseases.

What are the benefits of root canal treatment?

  • It helps prevent tooth loss.
  • It eliminates pain and aches caused by inflammation in the tooth root.
  • It prevents the bad appearance caused by decay, damaged teeth and possible tooth loss.
  • A healthier mouth and tooth structure is maintained.

Is pain felt during root canal treatment?

No. Root canal treatment is performed under local anesthesia. Therefore, no pain is felt during the procedure. After the procedure is completed, it is normal to experience slight sensitivity for a while after the anesthesia wears off. This process can be overcome with a mild painkiller.

How many sessions does it take to complete root canal treatment?

The treatment plan made by the specialist physician determines how many sessions the root canal treatment will take. Sometimes specialist physicians may find it appropriate to wait a while to fill the gap that occurs after the tooth is cleared of inflammation. In this case, root canal treatment may be postponed to the second session. Generally, the treatment is completed in one or two sessions.

How long does the tooth with endodontic treatment last?

It is possible to protect your teeth for many years with professional and successful root canal treatment performed by a specialist physician and subsequent careful oral and dental care.

Does a tooth that has undergone root canal treatment become infected again?

Technically no. However, rare cases of re-inflammation may occur due to deterioration of the filling in the tooth or lack of hygiene.

How should a tooth undergoing root canal treatment be cared for? What should be taken into consideration after treatment?

After the root canal treatment is completed, you should not eat or drink anything for a short time. It is important to avoid chewing hard foods for the following few days. Of course, it is necessary to pay attention to oral hygiene and never neglect regular dental care.

modern dentistry With the development of dental practices, today there are multiple ways and alternative treatment methods to save or restore problematic teeth. Aiming to keep the original teeth in the mouth for as long as possible without any loss of function. endodontic treatmentIt is frequently used by dentists due to its effect and permanence.

Endodontics, which is used especially and intensively in cases of severe caries, that is, root canal treatment Thanks to this, you can have teeth with an original and aesthetic appearance without experiencing tooth loss. You can improve both your dental health and your smile with root canal treatment applications that help reduce the general incidence of tooth loss. forever You can protect yourself.

Bahçelievler Root Canal Treatment

The important thing in endodontic treatment is that the treatment is carried out by a specialist and experienced dentist. Otherwise, it is unfortunately possible to encounter much more serious and irreparable problems and even definitive tooth loss due to incorrect practices.

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