Aesthetic Dentistry

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Aesthetic dentistry is a field of dentistry that we have heard frequently all over the world in recent years. Benefiting from technological developments and modern dentistry practices, esthetic dentistry aims to have an aesthetically ideal and impressive tooth and jaw structure as well as being healthy. After being designed and planned by the smile specialist, which is the most natural and ideal for the person, it is implemented by utilizing different branches of dentistry.

Different applications of dentistry are used to reach the teeth specially designed according to the physical characteristics, social and psychological characteristics of the person, including the mouth, jaw and face structure.

In summary, Aesthetic dentistry; In order to make the person's smile ideal and aesthetic, tooth whitening, laminated teeth, zirconium teeth, implants, surgical procedures, pink aesthetic (gingival aesthetics), orthodontics and prosthetic dental treatments bring together and ultimately aesthetic smile design is possible. It can be defined as a dental craft that makes

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How is Aesthetic Dentistry Treatment Applied?

For aesthetic dentistry treatment, first of all, you should apply to an expert and experienced dentist. A well-equipped and professional dental clinic can provide you with reliable support in this regard. Before starting aesthetic dentistry treatment, oral and dental hygiene must be complete and flawless. Otherwise, all applications of aesthetic dentistry may reveal short-lived and problematic results due to lack of hygiene.

dental aesthetic analysis is done through photography and computer programs. All the features of your teeth and gums are examined in detail with these techniques. (The esthetic appearance of the gums is as important as the aesthetic appearance of the teeth. These two complement each other. Therefore, gum aesthetics also constitutes an important pillar of aesthetic dentistry practices).) As a result of the analysis, a personalized treatment program is prepared. With 3D modeling, the operations to be performed can be seen more clearly.

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Laminated teeth, ceramic restoration, orthodontic treatment, gingival aesthetic applications Many different applications such as strong>, teeth whitening, bonding, contouring, etc. It can be included in the aesthetic dentistry treatment plan prepared specifically for the person.

Aesthetic dentistry treatment, besides the person's facial structure and smile, character and psychology. In order to perform a fully successful aesthetic dentistry practice, the character and expectations must also be analyzed correctly. This is an important point for the person to feel himself/herself in the resulting design.

Curious About Aesthetic Dentistry

Can I have natural looking teeth with aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry designs the ideal look for you based on your facial structure, expectations and personality. In this way, it aims to have teeth that you will feel belong to and that are fully compatible with you. In this sense, capturing the natural image is among the goals of aesthetic dentistry. This is possible with aesthetic dentistry treatment applied by successful and professional physicians.

How long does aesthetic smile design take?

The smile design is specially planned according to the tooth structure and facial features of the person. Dentistry practices needed to achieve the planned ideal smile, and therefore the required time and the number of sessions, also vary from person to person. There are aesthetic smile designs that can be completed with a single session, as well as aesthetic smile designs that are planned to be completed with more than one session.

What is Hollywood smile?

It is an aesthetic dentistry application developed by being inspired by the bright shining and impressive smiles of the worldwide famous celebrites.

What are the advantages of porcelain crown treatment?

The original tooth appearance can be achieved with the porcelain crown treatment performed using a light-permeable material. In addition, the teeth are not cut too much during the application. It is also advantageous in this respect.

Is the bleaching application permanent?

Although whitening treatment is a permanent application in general, it may need to be repeated at certain intervals depending on the person's lifestyle, smoking, tea and coffee habits.

Is implant treatment a part of aesthetic dentistry?

Aesthetic dentistry also includes the correct and proper alignment of the teeth in the mouth. Therefore, in cases of missing teeth, implants can also be applied as a part of aesthetic dentistry treatment.

Who is porcelain laminate applied to?

Porcelain lamina treatment can be applied to people who have color loss, separation, fracture, crowding, abrasion or deformity in their teeth.

Thanks to the use of advanced technology in dentistry and new and modern treatment methods developed in this way, almost all desired changes in oral and dental health can be realized today. All flaws and problems related to teeth can be treated with fast and effective methods, and people can have healthy and aesthetically pleasing teeth.

Especially in recent years, esthetic dentistry applications, which are in increasing demand in our country as well as all over the world; It can be defined as the art of creating personalized ideal teeth and smile by bringing together different branches of dentistry. Thanks to aesthetic dentistry, where health and aesthetics come together, it is possible to have healthier, more functional and, of course, flawless-looking teeth.

Bahçelievler Aesthetic Dentistry

For aesthetic teeth and an aesthetic smile, a healthy mouth, properly aligned and healthy teeth and finally compatible gums are required. Aesthetic dentistry applications aim to fulfill these criteria one by one.

Aesthetic dentistry, which is based on a multidisciplinary approach, can cover areas such as oral, dental and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, endodontics. When necessary, gingival level is edited, shape, size and color changes can be made on the teeth when needed. Whitening applications, ceramic or lamina veneer treatments are also included in aesthetic dentistry applications.

Today's technology allows dentists to perform all these applications successfully. However, the important point here is that specialist physicians are experienced and successful in their field. Therefore, for aesthetic dentistry treatment, you should definitely choose professional clinics that are supported by competent dentists.

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